Our honest, hidden thoughts on race captured in just 6 words

More than half a million people shared their experiences with the Race Card Project. Here's what they said.

He's my dad, not the gardener

Kelly Stuart-Johnson, Brooklyn, New York

Native Americans, America's invisible invisible invisible

Gene Tagaban, Ruston, Washington

With kids, I'm dad, alone... thug!

Mark Quarles, Pacific Grove, California

I'm ashamed for my ancestors' race

Lindsey Lovel Heidrich, Brooklyn, New York

I am not an exotic creature

Hana Peoples, Seattle, Washington

Black Boy. White world. Perpetually exhausted

Esayas Mehretab, Richmond, Virginia

Ashamed that accomplished minorities surprise me

Daniel Chaim Robbins, Seattle, Washington

White husband became Iranian September 11th

Maren Robinson, Chicago, Illinois

'You don't look Iranian!' I am.

Rom Barkhordar, Chicago, Illinois

Blackcican Spanish speaker didn't teach kids

Marisha Vandenberg, Riverside, California

We aren't all 'Strong Black Women'

Celeste Green, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I wish he was a girl

Kristen Moorhead, Silver Spring, Maryland

National Geographic - The Race Card Project